Will Matt & Shelby Return To The Farmhouse On 'AHS: Roanoke'? Season 6 Isn't Over With Yet

Was it just me or was anyone else getting some serious season finale vibes from Wednesday night's American Horror Story: Roanoke episode? Not only did Matt, Shelby, Lee, and Flora manage to escape relatively unharmed (apart from Shelby's messed up ankle), but it saw the temporary defeat of both The Butcher and the Piggy Man. And now that they've off the Roanoke territory, the ghosts can't come after them right? So how can this story possibly go on? The only conclusion I can make is that, for whatever reason, Matt and Shelby may return to the farmhouse at some point because, let's be honest, that is totally something they are both capable of.

After all, it's not as though The Butcher is definitively dead. After her son tossed her into the bonfire, we saw her charge after Matt and Shelby's vehicle in a blaze of glory, with the flames licking at her flesh. So their story is far from over and their are still so many loose ends these characters need to tie up together. We saw nothing of Lady Gaga's character this week. I doubt she'll be very happy to learn that Matt just up and left without so much as a goodbye. Perhaps she's able to leave the property and will find a way to lure him back into her grasp.

Either way, this can't be the end of the story. Otherwise, what would be the point? Going back certainly wouldn't be the smartest thing to do, but isn't that right in Matt and Shelby's wheelhouse? They should've left the farm weeks ago and yet they remained even with all the horrors going on around them. Something will cause them to go back (we have to go back!) whether it be by force or completely voluntary. That house isn't finished with them just yet.

Image: FX