Common Hair Washing Mistakes You Make In The Shower & 8 Expert Recommendations That Help

When it comes to health and beauty advice, I’m pretty good about following recommendations from specialists — until it comes to my hair. The most common hair washing mistakes are difficult for me to avoid because I have thin temperamental hair, and I’m really stubborn about. I don’t like when it feels oily, I don’t like to skip my daily blow drying session, and I’m not really a huge fan of dry shampoo. Consequently, I end up washing it every single day, which is hands down one of the biggest mistakes you can make while caring for your hair – especially when combined with a slight dependence on one’s hair straightener, which I also admittedly have (and in the name of honesty, it’s also not that slight).

So what does one do when they're trying to remedy bad habits, but they still refuse to toss out their daily washing session? Well, I contacted an expert who could tell me how to fix the biggest hair washing mistakes with better ingredients and more gentle options. That’s why I reached out to Steven DeCarlo, who is the Senior Stylist at Mizu new york salon. He had some really great insights that not only keep hair feeling healthy, moisturized, and strong, but also clean — something that the advice, “Just stop shampooing” won’t do for you.

1. The Biggest Mistake Is Washing Every Day

Renpure Vanilla Mint Cleansing Conditioner, $8, Amazon

“When someone has dry hair, it is not suggested to shampoo every day,” says DeCarlo, “because the shampoo may be drying the hair out. I love cleansing conditioner… [it] has a super lightweight wash and leaves the hair shiny and conditioned for those who don't feel the need to shampoo their hair all the time.” My go-to is Renpure's vanilla mint cleansing conditioner because it leaves hair moisturized, manageable, and smooth, even though I wash and blow dry every day.

2. When Your Hair Is Dry, Your Shampoo Shouldn't Strip Its Moisture Further

ORIBE Cleansing Crème , $44, Amazon

“Oribe makes a cleansing conditioner called Cleansing Crème for moisture and control,” DeCarlo says. It has super high reviews because people absolutely love the way it tames frizz and won’t strip the hair’s moisture like your usual shampoo. It’s designed to quench even the thirstiest hair, and it smells incredible, too.

3. Never Settle For Sulfates In Shampoos Or Conditioners

Fleur All Natural Nourishing Shampoo, $15, Amazon

According to DeCarlo, “Sulfates are a big ingredient you want to stay away from. Sulfates are a chemical that is designed to be the ‘foaming’ agent in your shampoo — sort of the easy way out, reason being sulfates tend to strip the hair and scalp of essential oils, leaving the hair dry and the scalp irritated.” Fleur's all-natural nourishing shampoo is a great option for people with oily hair who need a powerful cleanse that won’t dry them out because instead of sulfates, it washes with a blend of natural and gentle ingredients.

4. Thick, Curly Hair? Quit Overloading It With Too Many Products

Silk18 Natural Conditioner, $13, Amazon

“Using just water and conditioner is a good option if someone feels the need to wet and re-style their hair on a daily basis,” says DeCarlo. “This will work well for curly/thick hair. [It will] leave the curls moisturized and revitalized without having the need to shampoo again!” Silk18 is a natural conditioner that skips the sulfates and the chemicals and instead uses ingredients like silk proteins and amino acids to moisturize and hydrate hair without leaving it oily or weighed down.

5. If Your Hair Is Damaged, Don't Sacrifice Gentle Cleansing For Heavy Hydration

LuxeOrganix CoWash , $30, Amazon

For anyone with hair that dries out really quickly, LuxeOrganix CoWash is a sulfate-free option that’s particularly great for curly or damaged hair. It removes the scalp and roots of impurities without stripping your hair’s natural oils, and it’s particularly great at nourishing strands, so that they’re strong and manageable again.

6. If Your Hair Is Color Treated, Don't Forget SPF

Lebel Cosmetics Natural Hair Soap, $14, Amazon

As far as ingredients that are great for hair, DeCarlo says, “Look for shampoos that have SPF in them, which protect color treated hair from fading.” The key ingredient in the Lebel Cosmetics natural hair soap is actually seaweed, which not only helps to detoxify hair, but it defends against UV damage with SPF 15 protection.

7. Don't Forget To Strengthen Weakened Hair With Biotin

Art Naturals Organic Argan Oil Shampoo, $27, Amazon

If hair is weakened due to over-washing or processing, “Look for shampoo that contains Biotin,” DeCarlo recommends, “which is the natural protein found in hair that rebuilds and re-strengthens the cuticle.” The Art Naturals organic argan oil shampoo is an awesome option; not only is it infused with biotin, but it has natural argan oil that’s great for rejuvenating growth and adding body and volume to the hair you already have.

8. For Hair Weighed Down By Product, Try A Creamy Foam Conditioner

R+Co Analog Cleansing Foam Conditioner, $29, Amazon

Another direct recommendation from DeCarlo: “R+CO makes a cleansing foam conditioner called Analog. It comes out like shaving cream. Love it!” While it does help to cleanse the scalp of any excess oil or product built-up, it does so gently while still leaving your hair’s oils intact. The result is clean, weightless, and ultra-soft hair that’s conditioned and ready to style.

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