The One Makeup Remover You Need In Your Purse In Case Of Emergency

Sometimes when you're in a pinch or an emergency situation, no matter where you are, you need to remove your makeup, whether it's after a sweaty walk or an unexpected cry. While it'd be great to just be able to safely and swiftly strip off the layers of foundation, blush, and mascara with face wash and water, it definitely helps to have handy wipes with you.

But who wants to carry a bulky pack of wipes around in a purse everywhere you go? Luckily, momoup has provided just the thing you need. With their new Cotton Finger-cot Cleaning Makeup Remover Pads, your makeup will come off in just a swipe. Small enough to fit multiple into the pocket of your purse, the cotton pads slip right on and include a moisturizing makeup removing lotion on both sides for easy access and removal. Better yet, you can grab them in bulk so you're never without these little gems.

So whether you're just finishing up a great night out or in your car and need to clean a little fallout from your morning routine, these momoup makeup remover pads are perfect when you need to fix a little emergency.

momoup Finger-cot Make-up Remover Cotton Pads 25-pack, $8.99,

These are the perfect go-to for a pocket-size emergency fix!

Need another little touch up? Momoup also makes oil blotting sheets that come in the most adorable panda dispenser.

momoup Makeup Blotting Papers Oil Absorbing Paper Sheet Roll for Face, $9.92,

Time to stock up on the cutest skincare products ever. You'll never have to worry about smeared makeup or an oily forehead again!

Images: Amazon, Momoup