Twitter Can't Handle Hailey Baldwin x ModelCo

Models are models because they pretty much look flawless all the time. And while they are definitely naturally beautiful individuals, they get a lot of help from professionals and great makeup. Luckily, your favorite model Hailey Baldwin partnered with ModelCo to create a fabulous collection of products that will give you that model off-duty glow.

Baldwin often gets attention on social media when she glows up, so it is only natural that she would show off her new ModelCo cosmetics creations on Instagram. Thursday, Baldwin shared a pic of her perfectly highlighted cheekbones and revealed that the highlighter will be available very soon.

In a statement, Baldwin talked about how her forthcoming ModelCo makeup collection is aimed at creating a filtered look in real life, saying, "My product range is affordable, accessible and combines quality and femininity for a photo-finish inspired look and feel. Think filter-esque hues, sleek packaging and premium formulas.”

Naturally, fans are super excited about the announcement of Hailey Baldwin's ModelCo collection and took to Twitter to share their enthusiasm for the upcoming products. I'm sure both fans of Baldwin and makeup lovers are both counting down the days until her collection hits [virtual] shelves next month.

Fans were definitely anxious to get their hands on Baldwin's highlighter.

Her cheekbones have been looking extra great lately.

People really want that highlight.

Which is fair because it is a very good highlight. But of course, some people were worried about the price.

Luckily Baldwin called the collection "affordable," so hopefully that's the case.

So now we're just counting down the days until we can try out this collection for ourselves.

Can't wait to see all of the other products!