Watch 'Divergent's Theo James Sing, Cause Heart Palpitations Internet-Wide

Prepare yourselves. Gird your hearts, gird your loins, etc., because the world's officially got another franchise star to drool over. He was already well on his way, but this sealed it: Divergent 's Theo James can sing, and it's too much. It's just too much.

James, who co-stars in Divergent as Shailene Woodley love interest/general badass Four — and who many remember as the ill-fated sexy Turkish man from season one of Downton Abbey — is in a band. They're called Shere Khan, presumably named after the tiger from Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book stories and the accompanying adaptations. It's the same character Idris Elba is voicing in the upcoming reboot, in case you were looking to gage the sexiness of this particular fictional tiger.

James served as lead singer and guitarist for the band, though the group split in 2012 to pursue other interests, like starring in giant franchises where they get to pal around with Shailene Woodley. Probably a good move overall, but James has got some rock chops. The discovery of this is just the latest in a string of unfair ways Theo James is trying to ruin the lives of people attracted to male-bodied individuals, other examples being 1) his lips, and 2) his public desire to see a gay superhero movie to get more representation on the big screen.

You can't just do this all casual-like, James. This is like when Jeremy Renner and Chris Pine sang on late night shows all over again. Unfair.

You can listen to a selection of his music below, and find even more of it here.


"Can't Complain" (his singing starts about a minute into this one)