11 Planned Parenthood Memes & Tributes You Can Share On Its 100th Anniversary

Planned Parenthood turns 100 years old Sunday, and many are celebrating with Planned Parenthood tributes across the internet. Founded by nurse and activist Margaret Sanger, the organization has spent the last century advocating for accessible birth control, legal abortions, and affordable women's healthcare. The legalization of contraceptive pills and other forms of birth control changed the circumstances women used to live with — the inevitability of having to give up educations or careers should they ever become pregnant. The advancement of women in politics, business, science, and countless other industries is directly related to the availability of legal contraceptives.

In an article published on Tuesday, Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, looked at what the organization will focus on in the future. "Like any organization or movement that started 100 years ago, we must continually address the systemic roots of race and class discrimination—in the world and in our own organization—that have kept women of color, women with low incomes, LGBTQ people, immigrants and others from fulfilling their destiny."

She continued, "Planned Parenthood’s first century was fueled by a defiant fight to secure the right to reproductive health care. In our second century, we’re not settling for rights in name only, or for only a few. We will build a world where neither income nor zip code nor race nor gender determines whether a person can get reproductive care, where no one is shamed for making their own sexual and reproductive health choices."

It'll certainly be exciting to see where Planned Parenthood will go from here. Check out some of the best tributes you should share for PP's 100th birthday below.

1. Sabrina Jones' Graphic Novel Our Lady of Birth Control

In her newest work, titled Our Lady of Birth Control, artist and writer Sabrina Jones attempts to provide a more human view of the Planned Parenthood founder, who, despite pushing a progressive agenda for women's healthcare, is a controversial figure due to some retrograde views she allegedly held regarding race and eugenics. Jones casts herself as a character in this comic book and tries to clear up fact from fiction through imagined conversations with Sanger.

2. Margaret Sanger's Grandson Talks About PP's Founder

Planned Parenthood on YouTube

Alex Sanger talks about his grandmother's struggles and triumphs in creating Planned Parenthood, and reminds us of the still-existing opposition facing the organization.

3. This Amazing Artwork by Niki Johnson

Niki Johnson was honored with Planned Parenthood Wisconsin's Voices Award on Friday. She then unveiled her latest work — titled "Hills & Valleys" — a collage created with material from the signs of five defunded Planned Parenthood clinics that were forced to close.

4. The #100YearsStrong Twibbon

Thousands of people on Twitter are showing their love to Planned Parenthood by adding a #100YearsStrong Twibbon to their profile pictures.

5. A Simple Congratulations

There are tons of memes on Twitter you can share with a simple retweet! EMILY's List got in on celebrating what Planned Parenthood does for women's health care.

6. Imani Gandy's Article Fact-Checking Lies About Margaret Sanger

Gandy actually won an award for this piece, which is proof you should read it.

7. Teen Vogue's 10 Stories

Sharing real stories of how Planned Parenthood has changed lives is one of the best tributes you can give.

8. Bill Nye the Science Guy Schools the Anti-Choicers

Big Think on YouTube

"You apparently literally don't know what you're talking about." Bill Nye really lets abortion opponents have it in this video.

9. It's Not A Birthday Without Cake

If you want to share a tribute IRL, make cupcakes to share with your friends!

10. Standing With Planned Parenthood

Even Nancy Pelosi wanted to share the love.

11. This One Says It All

And this GIF sums up what Planned Parenthood is all about.

Whether you're sharing an article and a meme online, or a cupcake in real life, there are plenty of ways you can pay tribute to 100 years strong.

Image: Planned Parenthood (1)