You Can Choose What Kanye West Sees in His iPad Pointing at Kim Kardashian

In the few hours that the photos of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Vogue photoshoot have been available, the Internet has run wild with opinions, reactions and general frenzy. What was once thought to be impossible, since apparently Anna Wintour was always a little too busy to keep up with the Kardashians, has happened, and no one quite knows what to do now. Except for Gawker. They figured out exactly what to do and boy do we all owe them a "thank you." They have photoshopped one of the Kimye photos so that anyone can photoshop it even further, leaving an endless cycle of amusement.

It's not the photo that has been furiously traveling online, the one with a concerned-looking North West looking straight at the camera while Kanye holds her and looks at Kim, who is doing what she does best, posing for the camera. As amazing as that photo is in its own way, Gawker has made a simple change to the selfie photo. The one where Kanye is taking a photo on his iPad of Kim and North taking a selfie on her phone, because stars are just like us and that's what normal families do.

That's the one.

Here's where Gawker's brilliant plan comes in. They removed the image of Kim and North from Kanye's iPad, so now anyone can replace it with whatever photo they'd like. Their own example had Kim and North transform into Beyonce and Blue Ivy.

But the possibilities are really endless. The comments section of Gawker's article is filled with doctored photos, everything from more pictures of Kanye to Rugrats—and of course the ever so creative Kim and Ray J sex tape.

We have been presented with a huge opportunity here, please, don't waste it. Go to Gawker, download their template and create a masterpiece that would leave Kanye himself impressed. We may never have a chance like this again.