Rihanna's Fenty For Stance Socks Are A Must-Have

Bad girl Rihanna is many things. A powerful pop star, a style icon, and a fashion designer among many other titles. Her brand, Fenty, has become a wildly popular favorite among shoppers around the world. This time, you can get your hands on another pair of Fenty for Stance socks.

Though she just showed in Paris Fashion Week for her latest collection of Fenty x Puma, her teamwork with brands is still going hot and strong. Fans of RiRi all around the world rave about her fashion designs, and if you're a fan of all things RiRi, brace yourself, because she just released her fourth collection with Stance. The Japan Collection, features ancient Japanese floral and graphic prints and along with edgy elements to create a punk, street twist. As if you could expect anything less from the singer!

Already decided you want to get your own set of these? Prepare your wallets!

How much are the socks in Rihanna's Fenty for Stance collection? Her thin, hosiery-like and lightweight cotton crew socks (perfect for wearing underneath sandals) each cost $16. If you're looking for something a little more weighty, the collection's pair of Lotus Japan socks cost $28. If you're interested in the Lotus Thigh High pair, those will cost you $32.

Make like Rihanna and mix these elegant prints with the coolness of streetwear.

These will fulfill all your edgy bad girl needs.

Be bold with these graphic socks.

Get a little sassy with the thigh high options!

Ready to shop? Pick up your pair at Stance.

Images: Stance