The Kylie Cosmetics Giveaway Is Sweet

Kylie Cosmetics is a brand that's loyal to its fans thanks to mogul Kylie Jenner. Not only does Jenner continually churn out products for those who love her products, but she's also always throwing surprises their way. On Tuesday, Jenner announced a new Kylie Cosmetics lip kit giveaway, and it's a bomb chance to get not a singular lip kit but all four of Jenner's most recent — and totally sold out — lip kit shades.

While there is, unfortunately, no giveaway for the yet to be released Kyshadow Burgundy Palette, you can get the latest lip kits. The Kylie Cosmetics giveaway features Pumpkin, Spice, Moon, and Trick all back for subscribers to Jenner's website. Considering that you currently can't purchase these new fall lippies, getting them for free in a giveaway is pretty sweet. Plus, Jenner isn't just giving it away to three or four subscribers, she's choosing 10 of her fans to dole out all four kits to because let's be honest, if you can't say anything about Kylie Jenner, you can say that she loves her fans.

While the four new lip kits will be restocking on Oct. 20, the day before the Kylie giveaway ends, why wouldn't you take the chance to get them for free instead of buying them in the restock? Plus, if you're not trying to snag Trick or Moon, it gives you more time to snatch that Kyshadow Burgundy palette.

Though the lip kits have already made their debut — unlike the palette — Oct. 20's restock is their first ever. This means that they will more than likely sell out yet again. If you can't snag any or if you can only get one, the giveaway may be your opportunity to snag all these beauties.

From the green-black of Trick to the brown-orange of Pumpkin, they're all fall-ready, and Jenner is going to help you be, too, with her giveaway. Simply head over to Jenner's personal website, enter the giveaway, and on Oct. 21, you may just be a winner.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram