Five-Minute Holiday Makeup Looks To Try This Season

For something that happens every year, the holiday season always manages to sneak up on us. One minute, you’re trying to wake up from your turkey coma, and the next, you’re fielding invitations from your family, friends, and coworkers for the usual celebrations. But you might as well take full advantage of the season and RSVP hell yes to all of them—because, as we all know, the more cider and cookies, the better. Plus, it’s so much fun. Beyond weddings, there aren’t many other occasions throughout the year that call for you to dress up, dance, and be merry until the wee hours of the night.

That’s exactly why this is the prime time (and perfect excuse) to pull out all the stops with your makeup, too. The feeling is festive, shimmer is not only allowed but also encouraged, and the odds of someone posting a play-by-play to Instagram have never been higher. The only hard part is trying to decide how, exactly, to do your makeup—while, just as importantly, not having to spend an hour on it. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Walmart and Covergirl's So Lashy Mascara to bring you gorgeous, party-ready beauty looks that you can recreate in five minutes or less. All you need to do is get into the holiday spirit and BAM—you’re good to go.

​The Holiday Classic

You can't go wrong with the pairing of dramatic eyes and nude lips, which is the makeup equivalent of an LBD. "For a classic makeup look, make sure that you offset the top half with the bottom half—a.k.a. one or the other can be dramatic, but not both," says Chicago-based makeup artist Jenny Patinkin, the mastermind behind these looks. She recommends pairing this with teased hair or loose, worn-in waves to give it a 2016-worthy update.

On The Eyes: Blend a sheer wash of a subtly shimmered grey, steel or olive eye shadow all over the lid, and then line them with a coordinating color. (Alternately, you can use a chubby eye pencil to line the eyes and smudge it well, says Patinkin.) Then, pile on two or three coats of volumizing mascara for thick, dark lashes. Covergirl So Lashy! BlastPRO Mascara builds volume, gets those tiny corner lashes, and adds length without clumping—all thanks to its innovative, 3-in-1 brush. And don't fret if your lashes are short and straight, long and sparse, or barely there–– this mascara gives the boldest, most defined look ever for all types of lashes. Consider stockpiling tubes of this mascara in your vanity.

On The Cheeks: Sweep a warm rose blush beneath the cheekbones to sculpt, lift, and add warmth.

On The Lips: Dab on a creamy, long-wear lipstick in a shade slightly darker than your natural lip color.

Season's Greetings Glow

If you contour like a pro, this is how you can translate the bronze-y, back-from-the-beach technique to a winter-ready look. "Cream blush and highlighter look amazing around the holidays, since cold weather can affect your complexion," says Patinkin. "Not only do they keep skin looking hydrated and dewy, but they also bring life and light to the flat, matte fabrics we wear in the winter, like wool and cashmere."

On The Eyes: Blend a rose-gold shadow on the lid. Follow it up with smudgy, dark-brown eyeliner and one or two coats of mascara. "By not worrying about your crease color and concentrating your efforts on your liner, you can apply this fast," explains Patinkin.

On The Cheeks: Opt for a cream blush in a rosy color. Then, blend a pearly highlighter on the tops of the cheeks, over and under the arches of each brow, down the center of the nose, and onto the bow of the lips.

On The Lips: Carefully apply a warm, rosy matte lip color, making sure to stay within the lip lines. A neat application is key to keeping mattes looking polished, says Patinkin.

Cold Weather Color

The best way to highlight winter whites? Color. "When working with bright shades, keep them in the same family so that that look is cohesive," suggests Patinkin. "Mixing too many different tones can look clownish and old-fashioned." Pairing pink with just one other color keeps this looking modern and polished.

On The Eyes: Pair a neutral shadow with a bright, shimmery liner in teal, green or blue. Then, use a lengthening mascara formula. According to Patinkin, this keeps the liner visible while making the eyes look open and awake.

On The Cheeks: Pat sheer, bright-pink blush on the apples on the cheeks, which will give skin a natural, just-in-from-the-cold flush.

On The Lips: Dab on a sheer lip color in a shade similar to the blush.

Retro Radiance

With the holidays comes serious nostalgia (if you don't believe us, try to find a radio channel that doesn't play classic carols every two hours). To get a similarly glamorous, old-school vibe, play up your brows. "Keep them slightly darker than usual to get that Old Hollywood look," says Patinkin. Throw on a faux-fur wrap and you're ready for a night out.

On The Eyes: Trace a thin line of liquid liner, slightly winged at the outer corner, along your upper lashline. Add a coat or two of mascara, and then concentrate your efforts on your brows, filling them in with a pencil or pomade, then sculpting them (a.k.a. drawing a thin line of concealer all the way around the edges and blending it well).

On The Cheeks: Lightly tap a neutral blush on the cheeks. Barely-there color on the apples of the cheeks keeps the focus on your eyes and lips, says Patinkin.

On The Lips: Pink-red lipstick is as Old Hollywood as it gets. Look for it in a rich, creamy formula.

This post is sponsored by Covergirl So Lashy at Walmart.

Images: Mary Blount/Bustle