How Much Are Makeup Revolution's Precision Brush Sets? These Tools Won't Break The Bank

Looking for great brushes but not will to spend a ton of cash? Well, look no further. Makeup Revolution launched two Precision Brush Sets that have everything you need for a full face look. Believe me when I say that you're going to want these in your makeup bag. How much are Makeup Revolutions Precision Brush Sets? These tools have a high end look with an affordable price tag.

At first glance, Makeup Revolutions new brush sets might look like their high end. Once you see the price tag though, you'll realize why they're so great. The company came out with two different sets — Precision Eye Set and Precision Contour Set — that bundle together two of the most important makeup tools. The first comes with a liner, blending, and oval brush set for $22. The other has a face, cheek, and blending face brush for $30.

The two of them together totals out to $52 and gets you a full set of face tools. That breaks down to about $8.50 a brush, which is pretty darn affordable. Unfortunately, you can't buy them individually, but you can buy each set on its own. Either way, it's a pretty great beauty deal.

Makeup Revolution Precision Eye Set, $22,

Each of the brushes are ergonomically designed to fit in the palm of your hand and get a flawless finish. The bristles are synthetic and each of the handles are flexible. Basically, it's like the company personalized the tools for you.

Not to mention the gorgeous color. From the bristles to the rose gold handle, everything about the sets look completely luxe. You can shop them at Superdrug or the Makeup Revolution website.

Makeup Revolution Precision Contour Set, $30,

You really can't beat the price of these gorgeous brushes. Plus anything that looks this great on my makeup table is a win in my book!

Images: Courtesy Makeup Revolution