Is Michael Really Leaving 'The Good Place'? This Sneak Peek Shows He’s Putting His Human Life Behind Him — VIDEO

Looks like The Good Place is throwing yet another "moribund and devastating" gathering, thanks to the suspicions of its architect. Is Michael really leaving The Good Place ? An exclusive clip from the NBC sitcom reveals that Ted Danson's character is ready to accept his fate.

In the previous episode, Michael determined that his neighborhood's problems in the Good Place were all connected by him. Therefore, he needed to leave... forever! He told Eleanor that architects do not typically live in their neighborhoods, but he suggested it to his boss — who thought it sounded crazy, but allowed him to try. Between that, and the fact that this is Michael's first neighborhood, I can understand why he would blame himself for all of the havoc wreaking through this alleged paradise. Still, while we know that Eleanor and Jianyu (sorry, Jason) are both anomalies in different ways — they are clearly not solely at fault either.

How will Michael take his self-imposed exile? Dramatically, of course, and with an elaborate goodbye party. Here's a clip from Thursday's episode, "The Eternal Shriek," below, that shows us what happens next and gives even more insight into what Michael finds charming about ordinary life. Check it out.

In the scene, Michael bemoans the "human experiences" that he never got around to experiencing as an architect manifesting himself as a man in the neighborhood, like getting a rewards card and dodging someone in a hallway. He's gloomier than ever about missing out. Even when Tahani tries to cheer him up with saltines and casual greetings, it doesn't help.

The official description for the episode says that while Janet takes Eleanor and Chidi on their own quest, "Tahani tries to show Michael how much he's appreciated." Hopefully, she is successful and Michael won't banish himself after all. Or, perhaps, a new disaster will force him to stick around. Michael can't leave The Good Place yet, if only to learn that what's happening is not really hid fault!

Image: Justin Lubin/NBC