14 Instagram Halloween Costume Ideas For 2016

When it comes to picking the right Halloween costume this year, you might want to consider going for something recognizable. Take it from someone who tried to be the Queen of Hearts from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, but ended up looking like the North Carolina clowns luring children into the forest: Sometimes, obvious isn't all that bad. Plus, just think of all that time you'll save not having to explain to everyone who you are. And what can be more obvious and self-explanatory than a social media app everyone uses?! I'm talking about Instagram of course. Having a creative Instagram Halloween costume idea will be your holiday savior.

Instagram's popularity has soared in the past few years, and almost everyone you know has an account. It's more image-heavy and succinct than Facebook, and it requires much less writing than Twitter. In fact, Instagram has reached over 500 million followers, 300 million of which use it every day. Not bad for an app people used to say was only good for posting pictures of your food. The platform is used to sell clothing, create art, travel model, and, of course, keep up with friends. Chances are, if you go with an Insta costume, most people you will encounter on Halloween will know exactly what you're trying to go for.

So go to your local Goodwill or superstore and get some cheap supplies. This Halloween is going to be your best, and with the following ideas guiding you, you will not go wrong!

1. An Instagram Post

This will be your best look ever! Just recreate something you post every single day in real life. People will go nuts for this.

Cardboard Box, $1, Home Depot | White Spray Paint, $7, Amazon | Blue Spray Paint, $11, Amazon | Black Duct Tape, $10, Amazon | Sharpie Marker, $2, Home Depot

What You'll Need: This look will require you to take a quick trip to Home Depot; all of the items can be found there. You will need to purchase and cut a cardboard box into the proper frame shape. That way you'll have an empty space where you can appear. Then use white spray paint along with blue spray paint to make the frame look like an Instagram post. Then, by using black duct tape as a border and surface to write on, you can put all the button icons on with a sharpie marker.

Image: Polyvore

2. Instagram Star

Who wouldn't want to be an Instagram star for the night? It takes a lot of prep-work and your makeup will have to be on its fleekiest, but you will make heads turn.

NARS Red Lipstick, $28, Sephora | iPhone Light Case, $10, Amazon

What You'll Need: You'll need a statement dress, and nothing says it quite like a full on leather ensemble. Add a pair of black pumps with gold accents, and you are getting there. A bold red lipstick will give you the edge you need. Complete the look with a phone case that has a built in light. It will show people you are not messing around!

Image: Polyvore

3. Food And Camera

The guiltiest of all pleasures is sharing your food options on social media. Personally, this makes me happy. I love seeing what other people are eating. If anything I want to see more.

Cardboard Box, $2, Home Depot

What You'll Need: You can start by recreating the Instagram frame from the first outfit idea. You can always opt to just make a frame out of the box and leave it at that. Then you will need to purchase a pair of pants with food all over it and a shirt that has a similar design. Extra points for those who can get a onesie that has it as well.

Image: Polyvore

4. Good Lighting

As many professional photographers and models will tell you, good lighting is everything. People have been getting fancy with good lighting on social media as of late, and any picture you see online has had some serious lighting designs put into it.

iPhone Light Up Case, $10, Amazon |

What You'll Need: You will want to wear and have the most light related objects on you. A T-shirt with a light bulb on it is a perfect start. Then you can add the light phone case if you want, and carrying a small table lamp is optional. Unless you are in your own home and throwing a party. Then that last one is obligatory.

Image: Polyvore

5. Inkwell Filter

This filter always makes people look fancy and romantic. It's reminiscent of noir so people flock to it. This is your opportunity to jump on a trend for your own good.

Jin Soon Gray Nail Polish, $18, Nordstrom

What You'll Need: This look is all about turning yourself into a filter. The Inkwell option takes out most of the color but isn't truly black and white. You'll need to swap out your foundation for gray-toned makeup. The tutorial above will teach you the proper steps. Then you will need to paint on some gray nails and put on a nice gray dress.

Image: Polyvore

6. Account That Just Retweets Memes

There are some accounts on Instagram that only repost other people's memes instead of original content. You know the ones! You follow them because they always make you chuckle. Well, now you can be one those accounts for Halloween.

Card Board Box, $1, Home Depot

What You'll Need: You'll need to built another one of those Instagram frames using a Home Depot box and then just wear a T-shirt with a popular meme on it!

Image: Polyvore

7. Glow Writing

This really cool effect is now a part of Instagram's story feature that folks have been getting used to. One of the favorites is being able to write in glowing text.

Twinkle Lights, $13, Amazon

What You'll Need: To create the effect of glowing text, you will need some small LED lights or twinkling lights. Then you'll want to hot glue gun them to a metallic dress in a word or pattern. The rest is just strategically standing by a electric socket.

Image: Polyvore

8. Kylie Jenner

Who could possibly more prolific on social media other than Kylie Jenner? She can take a photo of ramen noodles and people freak out. No matter what she does, gossip follows. So why not be her this Halloween?

Flannel Dress, $27, Amazon | Sunglasses, $15, PopMap

What You'll Need: Her signature mint green hair is a must if you want to look like Kylie. Add in a flannel dress plus thigh high boots, and you are ready to hit Los Angeles streets. Just don't forget your reflective sunglasses.

Image: Polyvore

9. Millennial

Who uses the social media app more than your average millennial? No one. Millennials have the market cornered, and this means you are in costume heaven. Just play up being a hipster.

Black Glasses, $4, Amazon | Plaid Shirt, $13, Forever 21

What You'll Need: You're going to need a pair of nerdy looking glasses. The rest is wearing a plaid shirt and high-wasted shirts. Props to those that only speak about new trendy places for rainbow bagels in Brooklyn.

Image: Polyvore

10. Artisan Coffee

If you haven't seen a picture of one of these bad boys on your feed then consider yourself living under a rock. At least three times a day a photo of someone artisan coffee makes its way into my life.

Coffee Beans, $8, Walmart

What You'll Need: You're going to need a shirt that has a coffee cup already drawn on it. Then add a whip cream looking wig alongside a can of coffee beans, and you're done!

Image: Polyvore

11. Avocado Roses

These tiny little guys took over Instagram for a few days. People cannot seem to get enough of these green healthy alternatives to food decoration. And who would possibly blame them?!

Green Construction Paper, $10, Amazon | Green Leggings, $7, Amazon

What You'll Need: You'll need to purchase a shirt or sweater with an avocado on it. Then, using green construction paper, you will create roses that you will glue to your sweater. Then add a pair of green pants, and you are all set.

Image: Polyvore

12. Duck Face

This popular photo pose screams Instagram!

Duck Mask, $5, Amazon | Sun Glasses, $30, Amazon

What You'll Need: You are going to need to purchase a duck mask that you can comfortably wear all night. Then, adorn the face with glasses, and you look like an instant Instagram model.

Image: Polyvore

13. Vacation Post

If you are like me, you must be constantly super jealous of the types of people who go on vacations a lot. Their pictures are always bonkers good. Envy alley, here we come!

Flip Flops, $50, Zappos

What You'll Need: In order to look like you are always on vacation you will need to purchase a Hawaiian shirt. It never hurts to put on a fedora while you are at it. Finally, some open-toed sandals or flip flops really show how laid back you are!

Image: Polyvore

14. Cute Puppy Posts

I am more envious of people with puppies than people who post pictures of themselves on vacation. Bottom line, puppies are super cute.

What You'll Need: You will need to find a cute shirt with a puppy on it. Then walk around and have people take photos of your shirt with a disposable camera.

Image: Polyvore

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