Danity Kane Is Going On Tour… Wait, What Year Is It? — VIDEO

Do you remember Danity Kane? You soooo remember Danity Kane. You can't recall any of their songs offhand and you have absolutely no idea why they're called Danity Kane, but you remember them. And guess what? They're back! Danity Kane is going on tour, so that five years from now you'll still sort of remember Danity Kane, like you do now, instead of forgetting about them all together. Yay Danity Kane! Way to make us say Danity Kane more today than we have in our entire lifetimes!

Danity Kane announced the No Filter Tour on Tuesday, March 25 and released a statement explaining the name of their new concert series. "The symbol for the tour is our unfiltered selfies, a mosaic compiled of over 100,000 unfiltered images that our fans sent in. To our fans: Danity Kane is doing this for you. We want to give, see, and promote a real, unrestricted, uncensored, unfiltered life! That's why we make music and that's the way we want to see [the] world!"

After being formed on the third season of Making the Band in 2005, Danity Kane split up in 2009. The group announced that they were reuniting in August 2013 and plan to put out a new album later this year. The members of Danity Kane — Aubrey O'Day, Aundrea Fimbres, Shannon Bex, and Dawn Richard (former member Wanita "D.Woods" Woodgett is not part of the reunion) — have expressed their excitement for the new tour on social media with most of the messages sounding something like this:

All four members also posted photos of the mosaic poster announcing the tour.

And there's a video too in case you aren't one-hundred percent convinced that Danity Kane is actually going on tour.

Danity Kane on YouTube

Okay. Yep. I think that should do it. One more time in case you didn't get it: Danity Kane is going on tour. (Tour dates here.) And now I leave you with their hit song "Showstopper" because it's hilarious and you probably forgot about it. Diddy — I mean, Puff Daddy, definitely knows they're not going straight home.

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Image: Aubrey O'Day/Instagram