Trump Saying Clinton Was "Extremely Upset And Extremely Angry" Is Every Man Describing A Passionate Woman

On Oct. 19, the third and final Presidential debate at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas got under way just like the previous debates — with tension, interruptions, and of course, Donald Trump's sexist insults. This time, when discussing the Second Amendment, and specifically, SCOTUS' decision in District of Columbia v. Heller , Trump said Clinton "was extremely upset and extremely angry" about it, repeating those phrases.

Seem odd, out of place, but also kind of familiar? Yeah, that's because this sexist comment is literally every man describing a passionate woman. If you've ever felt like a man didn't take you seriously when you showed strong opinions or emotions, you're not alone. What Trump is doing, once again, is making Clinton seem weak. Whether it's his comments about her health or making her out to be a hysterical woman for showing emotion, when he's not interrupting her, he's constantly trying to paint a picture of her as weak and unfit.

Thankfully, his sexism is not going unnoticed. Here's what Twitter had to say.

The Translations:

Not Having It

Seems Familiar

OMG The Horror

Sounds About Right

That Would Be Correct

Thankfully, Twitter saw right through Trump on this one.