Chris Wallace Memes & Tweets That Prove He's The Real MVP Of The Final Presidential Debate

On Wednesday night, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced off in the final presidential debate, thankfully for everyone who is tired of the "manterrupting", excessive sniffling, made-up words, and impassioned non-answers. The final debate was unusual in one respect, however: the candidates actually had to talk about policy. The thanks for that goes almost entirely to the moderator, Fox News' Chris Wallace, who did a pretty good job asking the tough questions and (for the most part) keeping the candidates on topic and grounded in reality. (Again, for the most part.) The Internet seemed to agree, and these Chris Wallace memes and tweets prove he's the real MVP of the final debate.

The first debate was moderated by NBC's Lester Holt, and the second was co-moderated by Anderson Cooper of CNN and Martha Raddatz of ABC. All four moderators who took on this task knew the challenges they would face, and I don't envy any of them for the job. Some certainly did a better job than others, and many would say that Chris Wallace's moderation actually led to some substantive discussions about policies that affect Americans every day.

Here's what the Internet has to say about Wallace's performance:

Some were overwhelming positive of his performance:

Other applauded him for asking questions that hadn't been brought up in either of the two prior debates:

A few anticipated the inevitable Saturday Night Live skit that'll come this weekend:

...and more than one person was impressed by Chris Wallace's ability to actually keep the crowd quiet, an issue that has plagued all three debates:

Mostly, people were just seriously thankful that Chris Wallace didn't let the candidates get away with anything:

Chris Wallace: The real MVP.