BYU Campus Groper Incites Inappropriate Reactions From Students on, Where Else, Twitter

Brigham Young University had quite the frightening — and controversial — weekend, as reports surfaced of a serial groper stalking the BYU campus. As of today, 15 students have encountered the unidentified man, who touched their genitalia and then disappeared.

A man was arrested Friday for breaking into a female BYU student's apartment and sexually assaulting her, but the man was black, and the suspect of the groping cases has been identified as being white. In the mean time, BYU police are urging women to be aware of their surroundings and take advantage of their "Safe Walk" program.

But rather than taking these assaults seriously, BYU students have been making light of the unsettling situation through, what else, Twitter. Beginning with the account @BYUgroper, an unknown student tweeted 10 insulting jokes to 332 followers including:

But it doesn't end there. Another BYU-centric Twitter account @shewantstheNCMO (NCMO as in Non-Committal Make Out) decided to join in on the "fun" and tweet:

This account soon backtracked with a series of tweets that apologized for messages that glorified rape culture. Other Twitter users began to speak out about the issue using the hashtag #RapeCultureIsWhen and voicing their opinion on the issue at hand. Good job in taking these fools to task.