CNN Producers' World Trade Center Break-In Attempt Goes Awry, Is Deeply Ironic

Two CNN producers were arrested for criminal trespassing after attempting unsuccessfully to sneak into the new World Trade Center building in New York. They were doing this as research for an article about security lapses at the premises; apparently, the extent of said lapses wasn’t quite as great as the producers had assumed. Police dismissed it as an amateur attempt and pointless wasted of state resources.

There have been a number of security lapses at the new World Trade Center site, which is still under construction. 16-year-old Justin Casquejo made it to the 104th floor before being arrested last week; more impressively, four daredevils were recently able to scale the structure entirely in the heat of the night and parachute to the ground before police caught up with them.

But Yon Pomrenze and Connor Fieldman Boals weren’t as successful. They began their lunchtime scheme by attempting to talk their way in. That didn’t work, so they attempted to climb over the perimeter fence. After failing to do so, they located another entrance protected by an electronic gate, and tried to force their way in. At that point, police saw what they were up to, and placed them under arrest.


Joseph Pentangelo, spokesman for the Port Authority Police Department, said even the 16-year-old was better at breaking-and-entering than the producers.

“[Casquejo] had enough sense to try it at 4 o’clock in the morning,” Pentangelo said. “This is very wasteful of valuable law-enforcement time and energy."

According to CNN, the men were indeed writing a story about security lapses, but hadn’t been told to break in to the building.