How Much Is The Hailey Baldwin x Public Desire Shoe Collab? It's Surprisingly Affordable

As much as we may love to fantasize about wearing the kind of footwear our favorite celebs rock on the daily, that dream tends to remain just that — a dream. Hailey Baldwin's Public Desire collaboration is one step closer to wearing the shoes that one of your faves wears, and the collection has the added bonus of being totally adorable.

Baldwin has been making waves for herself all year, carrying on a relationship with Justin Bieber and modeling for H&M. Now, she's continuing along the path of amazingness by collaborating with a very, very cool British brand.

The UK's Public Desire is known for producing up to date styles, from perspex heels to sock boots, all at affordable prices. Baldwin's line is no different. The cheapest pair of strappy sandals will set you back $49.99, and the most expensive boots in the collection are a cool $72.99 — only about a $20 difference in price range.

Western Style Long Boot In Bordeaux Velvet, $72.99,

Lace Up Mesh Ankle Boots In Black, $59.99,

The Hailey Baldwin x Public Desire collection also has a varied bunch of styles: 20 pairs of shoes and nine different styles coming in two or three colors each, ensuring there's something for everyone. So whether you're willing to risk a sandal in winter, or you want to find the perfect over the knee boot, you can get the official, Baldwin-endorsed version with this special collab.

Whether or not you're swayed by the celebrity endorsement or not, this line of shoes is still a fantastic, on trend collection that contains every kind of shoe you need to be fashionable right now.

Images: Courtesy Public Desire