Keith Olbermann's Most Memorable TV Moments

After they parted ways in 1997 due to "emotionally charged circumstances," ESPN is ready to have Keith Olbermann back on their ESPN2 network. His new late-night show "Olbermann" will begin airing August 26th.

ESPN is not the only employer that's experienced "creative differences" with the controversial television host. The commentator famous for news segments like "WTF Moments" and "Worst Persons in the World," has also been let go from posts at MSNBC and Current TV.

ESPN has agreed to hire Olbermann on one important condition: that he doesn't go near politics. We still think there are a few things they might want to keep in mind before they put Olbermann on air:

If Keith Olbermann doesn't like you, he's probably going to call you an "asshole" on live television.

Like he did Rep. Peter King (R-NY) (skip to 3:35),

Anne Coulter (skip to 1:28),

and singer Ted Nugent (skip to 2:57).

He's not afraid to start a feud.

Olbermann is used to picking fights with conservative talking heads like Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh. Still, ESPN sportscasters might want to be careful next time they support a rival sports team within Olbermann's earshot.

He might bring up his personal life.

While Olbermann's dedication to his mother was touching, we're not entirely convinced that her passing was the number one news item on the agenda that evening. Olbermann also recounted a highly personal, emotional story on "Countdown" about his ailing father (in order to illustrate a wider point about the healthcare debate).

He's somewhat prone to conspiracy theories.

Or at least that's what he suggests in this comment to the 9/11 conspiracy theory group "9/11 Truth":

And if/when you fire him, don't expect him to take it lying down.

Well, you remember how that went last time, don't you?