Lady Gaga Sings Led Zeppelin On ‘Howard Stern’ & It’s So Good You’ll Want To Hear More — VIDEO

On Monday, pop music chameleon and occasional spooky hotel owner Lady Gaga stopped by The Howard Stern Show to promote her new album Joanne, yuk it up with the esteemed radio host, and remind everyone that her voice knows no bounds. When Howard Stern said he didn't know she was in a Led Zeppelin cover band once upon a time (me either, Howard), Gaga replied with a quick “yeah” and immediately launched into an a cappella snippet of “Black Dog.” Yes, without warning, Lady Gaga sang Led Zeppelin's "Black Dog." And because she is Lady Gaga (i.e., a person who possesses a voice so powerful it could probably knock over a grocery store toilet paper pyramid if it so desired), she crushed it.

Gaga’s impromptu rendition of “Black Dog” is so ridiculously good, I would not be the least upset if she recorded an entire Led Zep cover album. It’d be a tall order (I mean, hi, we are talking about songs that were performed by one of the greatest singers in rock and roll history) but I believe in Gaga. Now, if I had to pick just one track out of their entire catalog, I’d probably fall out of my chair if I heard Gaga belt out the rest of "Black Dog." Or “Rock and Roll.” Or “Since I've Been Loving You.” Or “Immigrant Song.” Are those gnarly picks? Of course they are. I mean, most mortals would sooner sprout a pair of scaly wings than nail every last wail-tastic part of "Since I've Been Loving You." But again, I believe in Gaga.

After all, this is the same person who served up a wildly impressive Robert Plant impression at the drop of a pink cowboy hat. Without taking a sip of water first. Without warming up her voice. While remaining seated.

And as for that fabled Led Zep cover band? Here is a young Stefani Germanotta singing “D’yer Mak’er”:

DiisCoStiickfAshiOon on YouTube

Am I all about this? To quote "Black Dog," oh yeah, oh yeah ah, ah, ah ah.