Who's 'American Idol's Rickey Minor?

Top 9 Week always marks an interesting turning point in the American Idol competition because it's the time when the stakes get really high. There are only a handful of contestants left to get to know and root for which means every single missed or warbling note is easier to pick up on and rip apart. The theme of the night is "(I'm With the) Band" and the band in question is lead by music director Rickey Minor, leaving the contestants to choose their favorite songs and capture the judges' approval. Top 10 week said goodbye to MK Nobilette and left Dexter Roberts and Majesty Rose in the bottom three, but the competition is so stiff that it's almost impossible to tell which contestants are going to shine and which ones are going to drop the ball (or the mic, as the case may be).

So who's most likely to earn the title of American Idol's own Rickey Minor? You know, if Rickey Minor himself doesn't want the title anymore. Alex Preston was one of the best performances of last week and he's the one who seems like he would be the most at ease with a backing band. His vocals are pitch perfect, he plays the guitar, and he has a creative eye for reinventing songs.

If not him, then Majesty Rose is another great guess. Her cover of "Wake Me Up" by Avicii drew strength from the band and was on point from the chorus on, despite a slightly shaky beginning brought on by an odd case of nerves. Since she's currently in the bottom three, then she's got a lot at more at risk than Preston and nowhere to go but up.