Niall Horan's Halloween Cover Of "Pony" Might Be The Greatest Solo Project To Come From One Direction's Split — VIDEO

I'd be remiss to find even one cover James Corden has done on The Late Late Show that I haven't been completely entertained by. Seriously. But, there are those occasions where he produces a ridiculous musical number that stands out, even amongst the rest. Case in point, Corden and Niall Horan did a Halloween cover of "Pony" called "Candy" and it is sure to live on in late night infamy.

Yes, that "Pony." The one performed by Ginuwine that has served as the reigning anthem for sexy times for the past two decades. Sure, it sounds inappropriate to use it as fodder for a trick-or-treating soundtrack — and it totally is. In the best way, of course.

In the video for their cover, Corden and Horan try to seduce women who are giving out candy to costumed trick-or-treaters, by going trick-or-treating themselves. And it is perfectly uncomfortable to watch them try to show off their masculine wiles.

But the main draw here is that the host and the singer have such great range and true vocal talent, that "Candy" is actually kind of great, both as a new Halloween song staple and as a cover of a classic song.

So great, in fact, that it may just outshine all of those other post-One Direction projects that have actually gotten radio play. No shade, Zayn. I love me some "Pillowtalk," I really do. But you have to admit that "Candy" could give it a run for its money in the steaminess department. All I have left to say is that Gigi Hadid should probably watch out. It seems like Corden is gunning for her spot as the sensual video star for former-One Direction members.

Image: The Late Late Show with James Corden/YouTube