Twitter Users "Improve Halloween In 5 Words" & It Involves Ditching Candy Corn

As the days creep towards October 31, folks of all ages are readying their costumes and candy for a night of tricks and treats. Although some might find Halloween traditions perfect as they are, others are throwing in their two cents about how to improve Halloween in five words via Twitter.

The holiday we now called Halloween has changed drastically over the past thousand years. Once, it was a somber Celtic festival marking the end of the harvest season and a time to pay homage to the dead. People brought their animals in from pasture and prepared to hunker down for the winter. Today, it's a raucous night of colorful clothing and devilish delights. What hasn't changed, however, is a spotlight on the macabre, and an invitation to explore death and the dark side for a brief moment each year.

On most days, covering yourself in fake blood or cackling maniacally might get you odd stares (or maybe even institutionalized). Around All Hallows Eve, however, this is welcome behavior from even the most normcore folks. Although you can watch horror movies all day and eating bags full of candy at work with impunity, there still might be a few ways to make Halloween even more fun than it already is. Here are some suggestions from Twitter on how to #ImproveHalloweenIn5Words:

1. Make It Sensual

2. Make It Boozy

3. Wear Better Costumes

4. Get Better Treats

5. Get Rid Of Candy Corn

Images: Fotolia; Twitter