12 J.K. Rowling Tweets Even Non-Harry Potter Fans Will Love Reading

Explaining who J.K. Rowling is to people who have never read or watched Harry Potter, is a challenging task to say the least. How can you hope to capture her essence, her spirit, and her style when someone either hasn't partaken in — or who doesn't enjoy (*GASP*) — Harry Potter? Well, it's a lot easier than it sounds, because in a brilliant move, J.K. Rowling's Twitter, makes her accessible — or at least seemingly accessible — to the millions of fans to whom she has given hope and inspired. Now, people who were not familiar with her before have a non-Harry Potter platform from which they can get to know her (and ultimately) love her.

During her time on Twitter, Rowling has been everything but boring and quiet. She speaks up on the important issues, actually responds to people, and isn't afraid to throw a little shade. The 12 tweets below are just a sample of the many moments that show J.K. Rowling as the three-dimensional person that she is, someone who is more than just the creator of a magical world of wonder. She is authentic, real, bold, and the kind of person who stands up for others. She uses her voice and presence for good, when far too many who have power like her's simply fade into the egotistical, fantasy pitfalls of fame and fortune.

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1. On "universal popularity"

2. On what she'd be if she wasn't a writer

3. On safe spaces at Hogwarts

4. On typos

5. On racist Christians

6. On Minecraft

7. On Serena Williams

8. On the misogynistic abuse of the Internet

9. On people pushing her buttons

10. On what to do with your life

11. On a certain bigoted church that won't be named

12. On people thinking Dumbledore didn't "look gay"

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