'Nightmare Before Christmas' Eyeliner Is All The Halloween Beauty Inspiration You've Ever Wanted — PHOTOS

The Nightmare Before Christmas will always inspire awesome Halloween costumes, which makes total sense — there are so many characters to draw inspiration from, and the overall aesthetic is too cool for words. Still though, makeup artist Chloe Tramel just created the coolest Nightmare Before Christmas eyeliner ever —thereby blowing just about every other Jack Skellington-inspired Halloween look right out of the water.

Instead of going for a full-on skeleton-faced look like most (or even a Burton-esque gothic doe-eyed look, like the one Michelle Phan recreated in one of her most popular videos), Tramel recreated an iconic scene from the movie — using only eye makeup. She used black liner to painstakingly draw an image of Jack Skellington singing his trademark lament while standing on the film's iconic curlicued hilltop, and accented the look, using a dusky purple and orange eye shadows to really fit the movie's color palette. She also added some glitter — both iridescent and black — to really make her eye makeup look stand out.

If you're looking for a last minute makeup transformation to really wow this Halloween (or next), this might just be your look — if you have the considerable motor skills necessary to pull it off, of course.

Really makes the most of the term makeup ARTIST, doesn't it? This epic The Nightmare Before Christmas-inspired eye makeup is only one of the cool looks Tramel trotted out this year for Halloween — staying on the Tim Burton theme, she also created some spooky (not to mention bloody) Sleepy Hollow liner.

Other recent standouts include her equally bloody Shining-inspired look.

What do you think? Will you be taking Tramel's cinematic looks out for a spin? Oh, and if you like complex Halloween makeup, you may also want to give this year's floating head trend a try.

Images: The Nightmare Before Christmas/Disney; chloetramel/Twitter