Twitter Reactions To Glossier’s Black Tie Set Prove Emily Weiss & Co. Can Do No Wrong

From the moment she outshone Lauren Conrad as Teen Vogue's "super intern" on season two of The Hills, it was obvious that Emily Weiss was going to be a star (because seriously, what 19 year old knows that much about flowers?!). Nearly a decade later, with a crazy-successful beauty blog and cosmetics line, she proved us all right. Now, with the launch of Glossier's Black Tie Set, it's pretty clear: Emily Weiss can do no wrong.

The holiday kit, which launched on Wednesday, includes four limited-edition "special occasion" products meant to complete your "dressy party" look. There's a black eyeliner, a new opalescent shade of Halscope highlighter called "Moonstone," a glassy pink lip gloss and, of course, a Glossier-pink nail polish. It also comes with a black ribbon for you to wear however you please (my vote is as a choker, because, #millennials). The set retails for $50, and will only be available for as long as supplies last, which, if I had to guess, probably won't be very long.

As with all of Glossier's products, the Internet is losing its collective mind over the launch of the Black Tie Set.

But first, let's take a look at the beautiful holiday kit:

Black Tie Set, $50,

Gorgeous, right? Now let's see what everyone on the Internet is saying:

Some fans even got out of bed *gasp* early to celebrate:

Some realized that it was more of a "need" situation than a "want":

And some are fully ready to cut people off of their gifting list for it:

One fan even decided that this newest launch means its officially time to take her relationship with Glossier to the next level:

IMHO, the fact that "comes with a ribbon" is a selling point for the kit is a littttle suspect, but considering how consistently amazing Glossier's products are, I'm willing to overlook it.

Images: Courtesy of Glossier