Beyonce's 2016 CMAs Performance Look Basically Stole The Show — PHOTOS

The Country Music Awards' 50th anniversary was Wednesday night, and the show was a seriously stellar homage to classic country music and its biggest stars. The show did inject some modernity, though, with Beyonce's performance. On top of killing it, Beyonce's 2016 CMAs performance look was stellar — but that didn't surprise anyone, did it? With a tour that featured killer look after killer look and tons of live performances that not only showcased her talent but also her style, the CMAs is yet another example of why the star is known as Queen Bey.

Mystery surrounded Beyonce's appearance on the award show with many wondering not only what she'd perform but what she'd wear. No one truly knew what to expect from the star — other than greatness — but with a track record like hers, it was of course brilliant.

Beyonce took the stage with the Dixie Chicks to perform her incredible song "Daddy Issues" and while the performance itself was stellar, it was hard to deny Bey's fashion. While the talented women of the Dixie Chicks look gorgeous in all black, Bey stunned in a floor-length, nude illusion gown with stunning, glittering puff sleeves. To say it was a masterpiece would be kind of an understatement.

The Queen of the Beyhive look stunning with her ultra long locks straight and a glossy look on her lids. The singer kept things simple for the show in what seems to be an effort to focus on that insane gown.

All hail, Queen Bey.

It's true. Feminist killing it together is what we all need more of.

Let's all just wave goodbye to the haters saying non-country artists shouldn't perform. It's not Bey's fault she slayed your faves. In fact, Beyonce slayed everyone at the CMAs, and I wouldn't have it any other way.