'Lost's Showrunners Recap Every Season in 30 Seconds — WATCH

I don't know about you, but when I try to explain the plot of Lost, it takes several hours and a few badly drawn diagrams to keep all the characters and plot twists straight. You'd think a show about a bunch of people trapped on an island would be pretty straightforward, but, if there's anything that Lost is known for, it is its convoluted plot and unresolved ending. (Raise your hand if you still have questions. Lots of them. About all the things.) This year marks the ten year anniversary of the pilot and the cast and crew were reunited at PaleyFest for a nostalgic panel about the show that everyone was talking about. For those who don't feel like sitting through the summary of one episode let alone the whole show, Entertainment Weekly got the showrunners and stars to summarize the plot for you in 30 seconds.

The spares you all the pain of getting to know the characters, getting swept up in their struggles and their relationship with one another, getting invested in their survival on the island, and then finding out that they had been dead the whole time anyway. It even skips around to the most important seasons and summarizes them in two sentences or less.


"[It] was just kind of basically OH MY GOD!" — Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse


"It's kind of a microcosm for the bigger picture of good and evil." — Josh Holloway


"And we were saved." — Josh Holloway

Image: Entertainment Weekly