How Old Is Liam Neeson? Plus Other Surprising Facts From His GQ Profile

Liam Neeson has a set of very special skills. Skills that he has acquired over a long career. Of course, for Neeson — as opposed to his badass Taken character — those skills are some serious acting chops, not the ability to kill people with his bare hands. (We still wouldn't want to test him, though.) This week, Liam Neeson was interviewed for GQ magazine, where he got to talk a little bit about his acting past, his upcoming roles, and the actor he would most like to work with. Here are the X most surprising things we learned about Liam Neeson from his latest interview:

He's still a badass — and he's in his 60s.

Surprised? I was. Liam Neeson is 61-years-old and still one of the most in-demand action heroes. He is slated to start filming Taken 3 later this year.

He lives out in the country.

Though the action star has a Manhattan office, he is currently raising his sons north of New York City, in the country.

He took his first acting job to impress a girl.

We are guessing he didn't stick with acting just for the ladies, but he admits that he took a role in a play in his home country of Northern Ireland when he was 11-years-old solely to impress a girl. (Aww!)

He was surprised by Taken's success.

According to the actor, "I wanted to do more physical stuff. I really thought it would be kind of a little side road from my so-called career. Really thought it would go straight to video. But it just got great word of mouth. I was stunned."

He wants to work with Denzel Washington.

"I have such admiration for him as an actor. I see an incredible nuance of someone who's so comfortable in front of a camera. There's an intelligence there; there's an absolute truth. I've never seen that man portray anything less than the truth."

He lives by a Yoda-like motto.

Neeson has had a ton of success in his acting career, and it may because he lives by this motto: "Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better."