Is Ariel Winter's Short Hair Real? Here's What We Know About The Trendy New 'Do — PHOTOS

If you thought the lob was going out of style anytime soon, then think again. Everyone from the Kardashians to Jennifer Lawrence has had their turn with the cut, and now there's another celeb taking on the trend. According to her Snapchat, Ariel Winters chopped off her hair. If you're wondering if Winter's short hair is real, the answer's still up in the air. One thing's for sure though — the lob looks absolutely gorgeous on her.

When celebs get a new hairstyle, most of them love to show it off on social media. That's exactly what Winters did. She posted a photo of herself to Snapchat right before the Kanye West concert, highlighting her new look. Let's a whole lot different than her usual long style. She opted for a straight and sleek with a middle part. It's almost as drastic as her recent red to black hair color change.

Although the new 'do looks stunning on the actress, there's still a chance that it's a wig. Winters did just experiment with new hair for Halloween, so there's a possibility that the look is faux. Especially since she didn't post any other shots to her social media yet. Either way, just look at how great the actress looks in the new style.

This is pretty darn drastic from her signature look. She usually has her hair super long and curly. Here's a picture of the before, just so you can appreciate the drastic change.

Craig Barritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Pretty big change, if you ask me. She looks so Kardashian-esque with her lob. On Halloween she still had long, dark hair, so this is quite the surprise. Here's what it looked like just days before the big chop.

Whether it's real or not, I'm loving the 'do. I guess only time (and social media posts) will tell!