Mindy Kaling Tries to Push Her Own Vision, But 'Vogue' Wasn't Having It

Mindy Kaling, whether playing Dr. Lahiri on The Mindy Project or just in her day-to-day life, has style. So to get a spread within the pages of Vogue Magazine is an undoubted thrill for her... except when she disagrees with the stylists in charge of crafting her "fashion story." Which is exactly what this adorable video highlights (in the almost-words of Miley Cyrus: she's just bein' Mindy). In any iteration, this girl demands some spice, y'all!

And that is completely the opposite of what she got with her "very young Laura Bush" look, stripping the writer/actress/multi-hyphenate to at least attempt to make her opinions known. Respectfully, of course (nobody ever wants to get kicked out of the exalted Vogue closet, after all.) "I like my outfit too. What I lack in loving it, I make up for in respecting it," she quips. "It's totally chic; like I've never had a sexual thought before in my life. It's sort of like elegant and joyless in a way that I think is very exciting." Eying the accessories and clothes set aside for a "big hip hop star" and their upcoming cover shoot (was it Kimye, perhaps?), Kaling attempts to add a bit of edge and flavor to her outfit, but — of course — the Voguers in charge are having none of it. Gotta stick to the story they've envisioned, damn it!

Check out the clip, below. And we have to say it: we're totally on Kaling's side on this one. That helmet really pulls the whole look together.

Image: Vogue