If Miley Cyrus Ignored A Child Cancer Patient, It’s Far Worse Than Any Of Her Other “Offensive” Acts

Miley Cyrus stories generally don't shock me, but here's one I really hope isn't true. Reportedly, Miley Cyrus met with a young cancer patient and it didn't go so well. As in, Cyrus didn't pay attention to her. I would think Cyrus would be able to take a few minutes out of her busy life to hang out with a little girl who wanted to meet her, but it sounds like that wasn't the case. Miley was the girl's second choice after Justin Bieber, so maybe she just took that really hard.

The girl, seven-year-old Miley Hodge — yep, she's even named after Cyrus — has Stage IV Osteosarcoma and when her parents found out she had four to six months left to live in December, they contacted the Make-A-Wish foundation. Hodge's original wish was to meet Justin Bieber but he was "unavailable" which I guess means he was too busy getting into trouble. Hodge decided she would like to meet Cyrus instead and this wish was granted. But according to a family friend, Brandon Deboer, who spoke with Radar Online, things didn't go so smoothly. "The family went to Los Angeles and were put off for nearly a week before they met [Cyrus]. They finally met at the recording studio and from what I understand, Cyrus was more interested in what she was doing in the studio than paying attention to the little girl."

Cyrus has been touring around the country, so if the family really was flown to L.A. a week early, it's no surprise she wasn't there and it's very unlikely that this was Cyrus' fault. But, if Cyrus actually ignored Hodge when she did get the chance to meet her, well, that's just horrible.

Hodge's father, Bert, didn't sound as down on Cyrus as Deboer and said his family was "grateful for the chance to meet Cyrus in person." He added, "I think that if she wants to meet 50 celebrities, she deserves that chance. She has fought hard to stay alive. She has beaten the odds, [and] hasn’t gave up."

Regardless of what really went down, something is going on here. Either Cyrus did ignore Hodge or this family friend guy is trying to gain something but making up a false story about Miley Cyrus. No offense to Deboer, but I'm hoping it's the latter. Miley Cyrus does some pretty outrageous stuff that plenty of people find offensive, but there's a huge difference between, say, pretending to give former President Clinton a blow job and dissing a seven-year-old cancer patient. The fact that there's any doubt here at all is more than worrisome.