Listen To A Sneak Peek Of Trevor Noah's Memoir

It's not long now until November 15, when Trevor Noah's memoir Born a Crime hits the shelves and readers can get an insight into the comedian's difficult upbringing as the product of a then-illegal relationship between a white man and a black woman. But if you want to hear his story in his own words, you might consider getting the Audible version of Born a Crime , which releases on the same day, and is performed by Trevor Noah himself. His stories can be dark, and sad, and desperately unfair — but Noah injects all of them with his trademark sense of humor. This book is powerfully funny on the page — but it really comes to life when read by its hilarious author.

In his role as host of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah provides a comical but remarkably astute take on U.S. politics. He's very anti-Donald Trump, and has publicly urged his viewers to consider Hillary Clinton as the only viable choice, as well as casting doubts over Melania Trump's unconvincing defense of her husband. He always manages to make his audience laugh out loud, even while he's hitting them with some pretty hard topics — and it sounds like he's going to bring the same approach to his own memoir.

We've got a sneak preview for you below. In the clip, Noah introduces his eccentric and very religious mother.

It's impossible not to fall in love with Noah's brilliantly bizarre family, and his comedic delivery has a lot to do with that. The Born a Crime audiobook will go on sale November 15, so you can listen to the rest of this incredible story.