Benedict Cumberbatch's 2016 Election Bedtime Story Shows Just How Much Work It Took Hillary Clinton To Get To This Election — VIDEO

As you know, the election cycle begins long, long before votes are officially cast. Candidates begin campaigning more than a year before Election Day, so it can be easy to forget everything that's happened in the last year and a half. To catch everyone up to speed, James Corden had Benedict Cumberbatch read an election bedtime story on Monday's Late Late Show episode. And, the fairy tale-style story firmly highlighted just how much Hillary Clinton has been through on her presidential run. Sure, you know she's been dealing with a lot of Donald Trump-related nonsense in recent weeks, but let's not forget that her path to the White House has been strewn with obstacles from the very beginning.

Cumberbatch's nighttime tale illustrates this (literally) as a beige pantsuit-clad Clinton drawing tries to make her way to "the beautiful white house" despite the fact that the land has never before been ruled by a woman. Along the way, she endures a forrest of disappearing emails, angry trolls, and a fox with bad news. She is also almost defeated by an "old, old man with hair of white." Even after getting past these speed bumps to the White House, Clinton is then faced by "the most terrifying creature of all, the big orange monster."

After all that, though, there's still no knowing how the tale concludes. Rather than reading a Happily Ever After, Cumberbatch tells the audience to vote, vote, vote no matter your political party to help shape the conclusion into one that you want. After all, we're the authors of our own fate, and this story's ending is up to us.

Image: CBS