These Voting Memes On Election Day Pack A Punch

Exactly 595 days have transpired since Ted Cruz became the first politician to officially announce his 2016 run for president. Following his lead, no less than 16 other Republicans jumped into the race, joined on the left side by five Democratic candidates. It took a grueling primary to whittle down that 22-person roster to the final two, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The road from thence to hence has been a long, surreal, at times terrifying one, but Election Day is here. And besides voting (vote!), the most important thing you may do all day is bask in the comedic relief and collective catharsis of Election Day internet memes.

The internet has been churning out a cache of goodies for the enjoyment of all. And after sticking with this election season for well over a year, it's time to admit the exhaustion, quit the fervent Facebook fights with stubborn family members, and let the chips (ballots) fall where they may. With any luck, by the end of Nov. 8, the country will have averted a crisis and be celebrating the continuation of normal governance. In the meantime, have a good time already with these memes. God bless America.

Michael Scott does the flipping out thing, so you don't have to.

A little Sauron action for ya.

When your alarm knows what's up.

Helping us say goodbye to certain candidate surrogates.

For anyone who might be waiting for a sign.

On being resigned to Option #2

#NeverTrump Republicans today.

Yeah, we get it. You can STOP RUBBING IT IN our face, okay Canada?

Simply, the best. Happy Voting!

Get yourself to those polls if you haven't already.