Celebs Are Taking Advantage Of Absentee Voting

Voting is sometimes hard to do. Since Election Day is not a holiday for most, electing a new president can mean taking time off to stand in line at a local polling place. The process can be swift, but other times it takes hours, and although some celebrities might be able to afford to take a day off to vote, Hollywood waits for no one. Stars who have to travel for their jobs might not make it to their polling places on Election Day, and for those in-demand celebs working around the clock, casting a vote in person can be impossible. How celebrities vote varies, of course, but it seems that absentee ballots are certainly in style.

Many celebrities, as well as regular people, just can't make it to their registered polling places on Election Day. Lucky for them, there's early voting in some states and absentee voting (i.e. voting by mail). Hollywood's busiest stars seem to prefer those two methods of voting, with plenty going for the absentee ballot option. And why shouldn't they? For those who travel for work and are unable to vote early, absentee ballots are a great option because you can get your ballot sent to you pretty much anywhere. And, with this 2016 election, plenty of celebrities seem to have taken advantage of absentee voting. Here are just a handful of stars voting via absentee ballots.

Troian Bellisario

This Pretty Little Liars actor shared a pic of her sending in her ballot a week before the election.

Blake Lively

Lively posted a photo of her official absentee ballot over the weekend on Instagram, asking fans to "ignore the chocolate on my delicious ballot."

Lin-Manuel Miranda

Miranda has basically been live-tweeting this election. He's busy flying around the world on Election Day, but made sure his Twitter followers knew that he had voted absentee.

Eva Longoria

Longoria shared this pic a week ago posing with her absentee ballot, and wearing an "I Voted" sticker proudly on her cheek.

Amy Poehler

Poehler wore her Parks and Recreation crew hat to send her absentee ballot off in the mail last week, as seen in a photo posted to Amy Poehler's Smart Girls At The Party Instagram page on Tuesday. "Wish I was in New York to watch history in the making," she wrote.

Lady Gaga

Gaga didn't let her absentee voting stop her from dressing up for the occasion.

Christian Slater

Even Mr. Robot's gotta do his civic duty.

Whether you voted early, via absentee ballot or are planning on voting in person, it doesn't really matter. I thin I speak for all of these celebs when I say, just go out and vote.

Images: sleepinthegardn/Instagram; blakelively/Instagram; evalongoria/instagram; amypoehlersmartgirls/Instagram; realchristianslater/Instagram