The Best Hillary Clinton Pins Voters Are Wearing To The Polls This Election Day

With the Election Day in full force, voters are lining up to cast their votes for what is probably the most important election in their lifetime. So to celebrate this momentous moment, voters across the country are showing their #ImWithHer pride by wearing Hillary Clinton campaign pins.

When it comes to a proper #OOTED (outfit of the Election Day), you have plenty of ways to show your patriotism for Madam Nasty. From strutting an all-white pantsuit to an over-the-top outfit, the possibilities are seriously endless. However, if you don't have time to plan your outfit for today's important event — because you're a #GIRLBOSS and you have things to do — you can show your support with a little bit of flair. Add an I'm with her pin or a nasty woman button to your voter's ensemble. Or take it to a whole other level by wearing a Mt. Nasty T-shirt, too. All in all, these buttons and pins will add the right amount of pizzaz for your after-voting selfie — and that's what matters. Below are just a few ways some of your fellow voters have decided to show their support with a little pin love. Because if you're going to vote, you might as well vote in style, amiright?

When you love ice cream and Hillary Clinton, it only makes sense to wear these buttons on Election Day.

When your Lena Dunham's bestie, you have to rock a Lena for Hillary pin. It's what you do.

Take your own nasty self to a whole other level with this nasty woman pin.

This has to be one of the best ways to dress up your jean jacket.

Show your support loud and proud with this giant Hillary pin.

I'm for #teamZachary because he's for #teamHillary thanks to his Hillary 2016 pin.

Best T-shirt and button combo? I think so!

Aside from the I just voted sticker, the pantsuits for president button has to be the best accessory ever.

Even though we won't know who wins for sure until later on, these buttons and pins have won our vote.