Ken Bone Is Still Wearing The Same Red Sweater On Election Night — PHOTO

There's pretty much no one who stole the presidential election (or the hearts of Americans) more than Ken Bone. The star of the second debate was back for election day, and yep, the infamous Ken Bone red sweater was back with him.

Bone returned to the public eye on Tuesday for election night when he participated in the BuzzFeed News Election Night Show, which brought political commentators and prominent figures from this year's campaign to the BuzzFeed News studios to discuss the night's events.

Bone's jolly demeanor, bright red IZOD sweater, and khakis became an instant internet sensation after he made an appearance during the second presidential debate, and he was turned into a million memes (and Halloween costumes). Of course it was only natural for IZOD to take advantage of the unexpected surge of publicity. The brand's Twitter feed is full of references to Bone, and its cover photo is currently an image of him encouraging people to vote in the 2016 election.

IZOD apparently decided to take it one step further for election night, and it sponsored a segment in the Buzzfeed News show featuring Bone, naturally. The concept? A "How many decisions can Ken Bone in 60 seconds?" questionnaire for the undecided voter.

Bone was asked a series of questions, some election-related (mail-in or in-person voting?) and some completely unrelated (dog or cat?). In the midst of all the serious coverage from tonight's election, he added a bit of lightness to the evening.

But as Buzzfeed's Chris McDaniel pointed out, it was just part of the beginning of what's sure to be a weird night.

Hopefully Bone got a lifetime supply of the red sweaters after such amazing free advertising.