These Photos Of Seniors Voting Are Too Cute

For America's senior citizens, this election is incredibly historic — and perhaps something that many imagined they wouldn't see in their lifetimes. Hillary Clinton is the first ever female nominee of a major political party, and this fact is particularly moving to those who were born before women could be part of the democratic process at all. As such, many seniors — some of them even close to 100 years old — headed to the polls on Nov. 8 with history in mind.

While social media might be a relatively new prospect for people of older generations, their grandchildren know exactly how to use it. In fact, many of them are sharing adorable photos of their grandmas and other senior citizens at the polls on social media. Seeing these happy, unprecedented moments is enough to bring a tear to your eye. Naturally, these voting seniors are causing a stir all over the internet, and they are just too cute to not to celebrate.

In addition to the heart-swelling nature of it all, it's pretty tremendous that for some of these senior citizens, women couldn't even vote when they were born: Now, they've not only got the chance to cast their ballots, but can do so in support of a female candidate. America may soon have the first female president, and these folks made sure they were going to be a part of history.

Vice Presidential hopeful Tim Kaine even got some attention from one of these senior voters, and tweeted this adorable moment.

This woman made sure to vote today because she didn't have the right when she was born.

It's a big day for everyone, but for these folks, it's been a long time coming.

Images: timkaine/Twitter (1)