Will Stephen Colbert’s Live Election Special Be On Hulu? Yes, But There's A Catch

Typically, when Stephen Colbert does something, people tune in. I mean, his late night show says as much. But, when Colbert tackles something of the political variety, the excitement totally peaks. The Colbert Report may be over, but the talk show host is far from done airing his political grievances publicly, if Stephen Colbert's Live Election Night Democracy's Series Finale: Who's Going To Clean Up This Sh*t? is any indication. So, if you're one of those fans who can't wait to sip some of the delicious tea the comedian is about to serve, you're probably wondering, "Will Stephen Colbert's live election special be on Hulu?" And I am here to tell you whether or not you can. Because I care.

First things first, the show will first air on Showtime at 11pm on, you guessed it, election night. In addition to that, Colbert's opening monologue will be aired on Facebook Live, as well. Basically, you should be able to catch a glimpse of it in one way or another. But, if you don't have Showtime on your TV and Facebook Live simply won't satisfy your needs, you still may be able to watch. The special is in Hulu, if you have the Showtime add-on, according to Vanity Fair.

According to Deadline and The Hollywood Reporter, you'll be able to see the likes of Katy Perry, Larry Wilmore, Nick Offerman, and Charlamagne Tha God hanging with Colbert. Just to name drop a few. See? Election Day isn't all about nerve-racking anxiety. It's the little things, you know?