14 Electoral College Jokes That Will Give You A Much-Needed Laugh On Election Night

Once every four years, the most powerful college in the United States of America gets to do the thing that it has been doing for centuries: play a major role in determining who runs this country. I am, but of course, referring to the electoral college. You know, the body of electors, who vote for their states' preferred candidates. (I know, I know. What a stirring and impressive and totally accurate explanation of a complicated system. My high school government teacher must be so proud of me. *Pats self on back.*) As the Election Night hoopla rolls on and the electoral college does its thing, the tweets about the electoral college roll in. Funny, ridiculous tweets about the college of electorates. And I love 'em dearly.

Y’all, there are a lot of jokes about the electoral college popping up on social media right now. And y’all better believe I cannot get enough of them. I did not realize just how much I appreciated a good zinger about the electoral college until I was eyeball-deep in tweets about Tuesday's election. What can I say? On a stressful night like this one, I will take all of the laughs I can get.

1. Ugh, Such A Classic #MCM Move


2. So Much Meme

So much math.

3. This Is An Important Question

Would love to hear the answer.

4. Traditions Are Important, You Know?

Live your truth.

5. How Many Credits Would It Be Worth?

Would the credits be based on the number of students per class or what?

6. Sorry, Sun Devils

Hey, at least you have Michael Phelps.

7. *Waves At Electoral College*

Side note: Always appreciate the effortless glam of a red cup and stirring stick combo.

8. *Still Waving At Electoral College*

I'll give you this: You sure know how to keep things interesting.

9. Oh, Haven’t You Heard?

This is actually just the final inning of the World Series. The game is still going. It never ended.

10. Zoinks

Also? Same.

11. Now, I Know This Isn't The Point...

... But I want to hang out with that critter.

12. When In Doubt, Spongebob

Mr. Squarepants always ~gets it.~

13. Sneaks Up On Ya Every Election, Huh?

I hear you.

14. What Is The Electoral College, You Wonder?

Just two dudes LOL-ing at memes on their phones in the break room. There you have it. Mystery solved.

Again, I'm sure my high school government teacher is beaming with pride right now.