How Is The Election This Close?

If you're feeling like this election is too close for comfort, you are far from alone. There are plenty of people out there on Twitter asking "How is the election this close?" And really, as long as we're subjected to this godawful close election, we might as well got through it together.

While we all anxiously wait for the race to be called, there's really nothing to do but freak out. Whether you're obsessively watching the coverage or blocking it out altogether or anything in between, we are all just trying to keep it together as best as we can. And if nothing else, at least we have each other. Because that's all we really have right now in this, our darkest hour and time of need.

Fortunately, we live in an age where we are not all huddled, separate and isolated, in our living rooms in front of the television. Instead, we have the Internet, where no matter where we are, we can all come together and freak out as one. So if it helps to know that everyone else shares your pain, you're in luck. Here's just a sample of all the people freaking out about how close things are tonight. Enjoy! (As much as anyone can enjoy anything tonight.)

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