The Current Election Maps Have Shifted Drastically

As votes pour in from across the nation, the election appears to be narrowing drastically, causing concerned citizens everywhere to chew their fingernails off in miserable anxiety and sway back and forth, chanting “It’ll be OK” (at least that’s what I’m doing). Current election maps have everyone freaking out, as the line between the two candidates has become paper-thin. Regardless of who wins or loses, I’m pretty sure this election night is going to have all of us in therapy for the rest of our lives.

Despite early predictions of a win for Hillary Clinton, current results show a very tight race. As of this moment, The New York Times shows Ohio, Florida, New Hampshire, and Michigan all leaning red, and though some of those results are based on small percentages of the vote, it’s nevertheless worrying (and by “worrying,” I mean, “utterly panic inducing”) to see how predictions, and election maps, have changed in only a few hours.

Of course, the thing to do when one sees the apocalypse approaching is run headlong to Twitter (I’m only kind of joking), so people have been feeling their feelings on the social media platform has the maps have slowly evolved.

Take, for example, these terrifying graphics from The New York Times:

This is everyone of us:

Maybe if we say "This is fine" enough times, it'll be true.