This Election Proves White Men Are Still In Power

If you're anything like me, you spent nearly all of election night with your stomach in your throat, anxiously refreshing Twitter and flipping between CNN and MSNBC, hoping for a miracle. At a certain point, you, like me, probably came to the revolting realization that half the population of this country voted for Donald Trump to become president, proving something we objectively knew but desperately hoped wasn't true: white men are still very much in power in our country, and we are far from being an equal nation.

And that's a very, very scary thought.

Donald Trump ran a campaign of hate and fear; he galvanized Americans against one another, and touted his "outsider" status as the change we needed to fight the corruption his voters believed had unfairly forced them to the margins. He built a campaign based on bashing "the Other" — whether that be Latinos, African-Americans, women, Muslim-Americans, LGBTQ+, people with disabilities. The fact that he earned so much of the vote after publicly offending so many groups of Americans makes it very clear who's still in charge in our country.

And it's not the people being bashed on a national stage.

For these five reasons, this election proves that white men are very much in power — and this country is so far from being equal:

1. He Bashed Mexicans And Immigrants... Multiple Times — And Still Won

In his opening remarks to the nation as a presidential candidate, he bashed Mexicans and called them "rapists," "criminals," and drug dealers. Instead of apologizing, he doubled-down on his anti-immigrant and anti-Latino rhetoric and promised to build a wall separating the United States from Mexico.

2. He Threatened A Ban On Muslim-Americans — And Still Won

Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

It should go without saying that threatening to ban an entire group of people based on their religion is a terrible idea. It goes against the founding principles of our Constitution — remember that thing? That document that guarantees freedom of religion? Trump's rhetoric has made it clear he believes that right can be selectively revoked.

3. In A Leaked Video, He Bragged About Groping Women Without Consent — And Still Won

Donald Trump has degraded women countless times. In a leaked video, he admitted to groping and kissing women without consent, though he claimed to have never acted on it. He called Hillary Clinton a "nasty woman." He's demeaned women for their looks and for their weight. He has shown us, at every opportunity, that he does not respect women.

And, as of Oct. 28, 12 women had publicly accused him of sexual assault. He has denied all of the allegations against him.

4. At A Rally, He Mocked A Disabled Reporter — And Still Won

Last November, Donald Trump publicly mocked reporter Serge Kovaleski, who has arthrogryposis, on stage. Would you even want to be friends with someone who behaved like that? So why would you elect them as president?

5. He Is The Least Experienced Candidate In Modern History — And He Still Beat One Of The Most Experienced Candidates In Modern History


Hillary Clinton is one of the most experienced candidates in modern history — and yet she still had to wade through a river of sexism and misogyny to prove herself against the least experienced candidate in modern history. So, who do you think is *really* in charge in America today?