'Black Mirror's Tweet About The 2016 Election Points Out Just How Horrifyingly Real This Race Is

Though I'm certainly not the first to say it, this entire election cycle has felt like a Black Mirror episode. In fact, one episode in particular even seems to have predicted a Trump-like candidate's presidency. (That would be Season 2's "The Waldo Moment.") But, in a very grim and all too real post, the Black Mirror Twitter account responded to the 2016 election results. And, with Trump on a potential winning path, the status is pretty depressing. "This isn't an episode. This isn't marketing. This is reality," the tweet reads.

And, unfortunately that's true. Real people voted on Election Day in real towns across this very real country and the upsetting results are very real too. Trump pulled ahead of Hillary Clinton fairly early in the night and maintains a large lead as votes continue to come in. Yes, he's a reality star who has said some really awful things and who has pretty much no political experience, but this is happening. I wish it was a Black Mirror episode, but it isn't. That's actually the terrifying thing about the Netflix show. It doesn't feel like it portrays things that could happen way down the line. It features terrifying technology and tales and twists that could very well happen tomorrow. (Some are happening right now — robot bees, as shown in the finale of Season 3, are already being developed.)

So, no, this isn't a television episode or a marketing scheme, it's real life and people are helping make this happen.

It's just something to keep in mind next time you scoff that something seemingly insane could "never" happen.

Image: Netflix