How To Get Through A Breakup With 12 Feel-Good Things

When you’re dealing with the aftermath of a bad breakup, you’re getting advice from all different angles. “You’re better off." "Focus on yourself." "Enjoy being single." "Just let it go.” Problem is, no one really tells you how to get over a breakup. A solid breakup first aid kit has the potential to become your very best friend in this situation, as unlike your actual best friend (who, don’t get me wrong, is still instrumental in your healing), these lifesavers that promote happiness and healing can help you survive a breakup on a moment-to-moment basis at any second of the day.

The most important thing to realize here is that it’s all about time. Very few people feel particularly empowered or righteous after a breakup, and that’s OK. No matter how strong or independent you might be, you just lost someone who was a big part of your life, and that hurts. Filling the next few weeks with items and activities that help you to feel content and productive despite that is the key. They allow you to take the power back into your own hands and influence your mood on your own, so you can heal, find your center, work on yourself, and move on when the time is right.

1. Pamper Yourself The Way You Deserve

Pure! Spa in a Basket, $35, Amazon

Taking a night to pamper yourself does so much for your mood: it ups your self-esteem, gives you a mental breather, and reminds you that you’re worth the time and effort. Pure! spa in a basket has six luxurious products, all made with natural strawberry-themed ingredients, including a gel, scrub, bubble bath, salts, lotion, and a sponge, so you can take a night (or five) to re-center yourself.

2. Find Shortcuts For Managing Your Stress Levels

Bliss Oils Essential Oils, $17, Amazon

Whether they’re used topically or through aromatherapy, essential oils are made from concentrated plant extracts that interact with your body (not unlike a natural medicine) to impact your mood, limbic system, and olfactory system. Bliss Oils essential oils offer a great starting point because they’re 100 percent pure and have four different scents that can be used for relaxation, immune health, stress, insomnia, and headaches.

3. Learn To Let Things Go

Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender, $28, Amazon

When you’re ruminating on something negative, you’re the one who’s doing all of the suffering. Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender is from one of my all-time favorite self-help authors who, instead of covering things up with fake happy emotions, promotes a lifestyle of letting go — of feeling your emotions as they demand to be felt, letting go of things that no longer suit you, and taking back your own strength, so you can move on.

4. Master A Creative Skill You've Always Wanted To Learn

Brit + Co. Photo Styling Online Class , $29, Brit + Co.

Especially if you spent a lot of time together, you might be missing the companionship more than the relationship — someone to travel alongside or go to the movies with. A solo hobby (like setting up kickass Instagram shots) is a great mental distraction and something you can feel fulfilled about on your own. This online class is one of many (like watercolor painting, chalk lettering, and digital illustration) that helps you unleash your creativity. When you’re done, you’ve got a new skill and something tangible to show for it.

5. Do All The Things You Couldn’t Do With Someone Else

Amazon Tap, $30, Amazon

There are tons of benefits to being single that people sometimes forget, like choosing what’s on the TV, spending time with your family around the holidays, and just doing you. The Amazon Tap makes an awesome (opinion-less) pal, so you can blast your favorite music all throughout the house. It’s voice-activated so you can access your playlists, get the news, or even order a pizza your way, your volume, and with your toppings.

6. Purify Your Personal Space Of Negativity

Levoit Aria Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp , $70, Amazon

Sometimes your space just needs an energetic facelift, and after a breakup is definitely one of those times. This Levoit Aria natural Himalayan crystal salt lamp heats natural salt deposits, which then release negative ions into the air, purifying it of allergens and radiation. Because it comes in a stylish modern design and gives off a soothing glow, it’s the perfect way to make your space a little more Zen.

7. Cuddle Up To This Body Pillow

Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow, $50, Amazon

Especially if you lived with your partner, there’s tons of memories (and nostalgic scents) in your bed. Allow yourself to get a fresh start with this super cozy body pillow, which comes in tons of different colors. It'll make your bed comfier than ever, and it even supports your neck, back, and hips.

8. Get Your Life Organized And Centered Again

2017 Coloring Day Planner , $17, Amazon

It’s normal to feel unorganized and uprooted after a breakup. Realign your goals and aspirations with this 2017 coloring day planner. It has a monthly organizer, appointment schedule, and extra space to write out goals and notes, but it also comes with pages of intricately drawn garden and forest designs to keep you calm, centered, and relaxed no matter what.

9. Show Gratitude For The Other People In Your Life

Chalkboard Thank You Cards , $16, Amazon

When you’re in a really serious relationship, sometimes friendships take a back burner. Take an afternoon and write out stylish thank you notes to the other people who mean the world to you. Not only will you re-invite them back into your life, but you’ll remind yourself how much you have to be thankful for.

10. Learn To Be Okay In Your Own Presence

Now Kit Meditation Kit , $50, Amazon

Meditation has been my savior on countless occasions. It teaches you to be content with your own presence, as well as whatever life circumstances you’ve currently got going on. If you’re new to the practice, this Now Kit meditation kit is an awesome place to start. It comes with a double-sided pillow (soft and firm), so you can find your best position, as well as how-to guide and a mat to help you hollow out a space that you can begin to associate with mental wellbeing.

11. Make It Easy Stay Nourished — Even When It Used To Be A Hassle

Epica Personal Blender , $24, Amazon

Eating (or eating things that aren’t jars of Nutella) might be the last thing on your mind right now, but it’s important to feed your body with essential vitamins and nourishment when you’re feeling down. The Epica personal blender is a great option when you’ve got less motivation than usual. It doubles as a blender and a to-go mug, so you can mix up your favorite smoothies, protein drinks, and liquid meals in a hurry. It’s also really durable and dishwasher-, freezer-, and refrigerator-safe for your convenience.

12. Just Let Yourself Be Comfortable

Del Rossa Women's Fleece Onesie (XS-XXXL) , $35, Amazon

Your first instinct might be to head out to the bars to distract yourself, but it’s perfectly okay (sometimes even better) to stay home with some Netflix and let yourself be. This Del Rossa fleece onesie makes a lovely companion for vegging out. It’s made from 100 percent microfiber fleece that hugs your whole body, and the 19 different colors and designs all have non-skid zip-off footies, a hood, and pockets.

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