What Is 'White Collar's Tim DeKay Doing on 'Revenge'? Ask Victoria Grayson

ABC's Revenge is just bringing strange men to the Hamptons left and right on Season 3. And, unsurprisingly, they're all linked to Madeline Stowe's dark and mysterious Victoria Grayson. The latest Revenge guest star is White Collar's Tim DeKay, who will play Luke Gilliam — an entrepreneur who shares a dark mystery with Victoria. Doesn't everyone, though? That woman's got more skeletons than she knows what to do with.

So what makes DeKay's guest-starring role so interesting? Well, first, his White Collar character, FBI agent Peter Burke, would absolutely NOT approve. (He should know better than to disappoint Peter Burke, honestly.) But, surprisingly enough, DeKay's roles and even his pre-Hollywood history totally supports him turning up in the Hamptons with a link to the Grayson matriarch. No, he didn't kill anyone — but he's definitely buried a few bodies in his day.

Mysterious men from Victoria Grayson's past don't tend to leave the show alive — how could we forget how she basically ended David Clarke's life and showed no remorse when Patrick's father died in front of her. (Granted, Jimmy Brennan was her rapist and didn't necessarily deserve her empathy.)

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We can only hope that Luke Gilliam doesn't face the same fate, but if he does — here's a few things you should know about Tim DeKay before Gilliam bites the bullet.

He Was On HBO's Carnivàle

DeKay played carnie-leader Jonsey on the HBO series for two seasons. His character was a former baseball player who had suffered a crippling knee injury that ended his career when he refused to throw a game for the mob. Jonsey's arc over the course of the series revolved around his romantic struggles, he was kidnapped and tortured, and was later shot in cold blood by a woman he'd loved. All perfect practice for Revenge, eh?

He Built Caskets Once

For all the people Victoria Grayson's put in the ground, she could use someone that knows their way around a casket. After graduating from college, DeKay worked briefly at a casket company before returning to school for acting. Talk about dark and mysterious pasts.

He Starred In A Controversial Series

Dekay, alongside Adam Scott, starred in the controversial and quickly cancelled 2007 HBO series Tell Me You Love Me. The series followed the lives of three couples in committed relationships with intimacy problems — DeKay's character David and his wife had trouble finding time for sex as parents. Tell Me You Love Me was renewed and then cancelled after its first season because of a lack of creative direction, but in its time on the air, it drew up controversy because of its extremely realistic depictions of sex. If there's any group of characters that know a thing about controversy — it's every Hamptons inhabitant on Revenge.

He Has A Business Degree

DeKay is a college grad with a degree that'd at least impress Conrad Grayson. In 1985, the actor graduated from Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY, with a degree in Business Administration. Definitely makes sense with Gilliam's "entrepreneur" title.

He Was On Everwood

Well, this is too good of a connection to pass up. From 2002-2003 DeKay appeared as Reverend Keyes on The WB's drama series that also launched the career of Emily Thorne aka Amanda Clarke aka Emily VanCamp. His character isn't the only one with connections to the Hamptons — DeKay's got a past with Revenge's main character. But he probably shouldn't bank on that getting him behind enemy lines.

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