Who Will Be Donald Trump's Secretary Of Defense? 2017 Will See A Brand New Cabinet

Despite the fact that I'm sure many of us want to go back to bed and wake up in an entirely different reality, here we are: It's Nov 9, and Donald Trump is the president elect of the United States of America. Come 2017, the White House as we know it will begin to change dramatically. And while thankfully we all have a few weeks to get more used to (or desensitized to) this shocking reality, we're going to have to ready ourselves for a lot more Trump coverage in the news and social media, especially as he puts together his cabinet (including who may be Trump's secretary of defense.) It's a process that promises to be a whole new headache for many voters who were hoping for a Hillary Clinton nomination.

So while the inauguration is a few weeks out, Trump's work begins now. Surely he's been working on possible cabinet arrangements for a long time now, privately, but it's all about to be a part of our public awareness. It's been predicted that Trump would put together an eclectic and surprising combination of political and non-political personalities for his team — and of the many names floating around, both Fortune and Salon have put faith into rumor stating retired Lt. Gen and departed director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Michael Flynn, could join Trump as the secretary of defense. Flynn has most recently been in the criticizing Clinton, and in Sept. 2016, told Mediaite that she was "up there basically wonking away with a whole set of talking points" during a debate with Trump.

Adding more fuel to the rumor: In an appearance on Fox Business on Nov. 9, Flynn praised Trump's election win.

It's not clear just yet if Flynn really will be Trump's pick, though: It's also worth noting that Fortune points out that Flynn could be named national security adviser instead.