"Do It For Denmark!" Video Encourages Couples To Have Vacation Sex As Part of a New Competition

Numerous first world countries, from Japan to Italy, are facing the problem of falling birth rates, which is especially problematic when birth rates dip below the rate needed to maintain the current population. But in Denmark they are taking a particularly...innovative...approach to this challenge. A new video, called "Do It For Denmark!" encourages Danes to travel, because when they do, they have more sex. They've even made it into a competition.

The video, produced by the Danish travel company Spies Travel, claims that 10 percent of all Danish citizens are conceived abroad, and that Danes have 46 percent more sex while on vacation. I have no idea how you would get data on stuff like that, but it sounds plausible enough, I guess.

And inspired by these trends, Spies Travel is turning the whole sex-on-vacation thing into a competition. If you book a trip abroad through their agency, you can now get an "ovulation discount" — and if you can prove you conceived a child while on the trip, you get three years worth of free baby stuff. Plus, you know, a baby.

The video implies that same-sex couples and couples who are too old to have children are still eligible to book using the discount, though obviously they don't really have a chance of winning the competition. As the video says, "The fun is in the participation."

Oh boy.

Spies Rejser on YouTube

Image: Do It For Denmark!